How fees work

Fees will increase with your balance! If you have invested many coins , you will have a higher fee than the smaller investors.

This system has been re-designed so users do not abuse the service to skip the vps fees and dump their coins on the pool at the cost of the owners.

This keeps the pool an affordable option for those with a handful coins up to a couple of nodes who simply need the convenience of a service to host their nodes while keeping the abuse of the shared pool to a reasonable level.

We have plans to offer dedicated hosting with very low fees in the future at which time the sliding scale fees will be removed.

Here is how the fee system works:

  • User owns less than a node: base fee
  • User owns more than 1 node but less than 3 times the collateral: fee = 0.5% + basefee !
  • User owns 3 or more nodes: fee= base fee plus 1% for each node over the first node = 3 nodes is additional 2% - 5 nodes is additional 4% etc...
  • For the geeks out there, here is a pseudocode for the fee system:

    balance = User.balance
    collateral = Coin.collateral
    basefee = Coin.basefee
    usernodes = balance//collateral
    if usernodes < 1 : fee = basefee
    elif (usernodes => 1 && usernodes < 3) : fee = basefee + .005
    elif usernodes => 3 : fee = basefee + (.01(usernodes - 1)